Ondine Review

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A fisherman (Colin Farrell) finds a semi-naked stranger (Alicja Bachleda) in his net. Is she an immigrant, or is she something more magical?


Neil Jordan spins a magical yarn for grown-ups, as trawlerman Syraceuse (Colin Farrell) fishes a semi-naked stranger (Alicja Bachleda) out of his net. Has he rescued a drowning immigrant? Or is she, as his daughter suspects, a selkie — a mythical sea creature able to assume human form?

Leagues away from the Hollywood gloss of Splash, Ondine is funny, whimsical and as warming as a big bowl of Irish stew. Farrell’s natural accent and roguish charm make for a winning performance, while Polish actress Bachleda is the most beautiful, beguiling newcomer since Nastassja Kinski — and a much better actress. She’s Farrell’s real-life squeeze, but even he couldn’t love her as much as Jordan’s camera.

Funny, whimsical and as warming as a big bowl of Irish stew

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