My Old Lady Review

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Itinerant American Mathias Gold (Kline) arrives in Paris expecting to take possession of a property bequeathed to him. But nonagenarian resident Mathilde (Smith) and her hostile daughter (Scott Thomas) stand between him and a permanent abode.


A destitute ne’er-do-well arrives in Paris to claim the apartment his estranged father left him, but finds a wisecracking elderly occupant entitled to stay until she dies, and her resentful daughter determined to harass him off. Uh-oh, someone’s going to fall in lurve. Despite the powerhouse trio of Kevin Kline, Kristin Scott Thomas and Dame Maggie doing her astringent stuff, some good one-liners and Parisian locations, playwright-turned-director Israel Horovitz’s whiny fiftysomethings get deeply tedious through uncertain tone shifts between grey romcom, revelations and relationship drama. Charm? Nil points.

Playing away from the strengths of its experience cast, this is muddled and charmless.