Nuns on the Run Review

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Two unconvincing London gangsters (Idle and Coltrane) find themselves after a botched heist with a briefcase full of cash. Hotly pursued by the Triad and the MET, they hole up in a convent, dressing up as nuns rather than asking for sanctuary.


Nuns on the Run takes its double act in drag schtick from Some Like It Hot and its basic plotline of villains in a religious establishment from Brother Orchid. Unfortunately, it is inferior to both, full of achingly predictable jokes and lacking any sense of surprise or spontaneity.

Brian and Charlie (Idle and Coltrane), two veteran graduates of London gangland, decide to opt out with one final double cross. Hotly pursued, they end up taking refuge in a convent run in a surprisingly liberal manner by Mother Superior Janet Suzman and populated by the likes of the gambling-mad Sister Lila Kaye and lots of unknowingly provocative student teachers. In the midst of much farce, Idle falls for a short-sighted girl (Coduri) in a casino, a cute and not very promising development which, even less promisingly, is offered completely straight.

Key elements to the various proceedings include a drainpipe coming away from the side of a building, padded bras worn over our heroes' clothes, razor blades bought in the chemists while they're dressed up as women and a modicum of knockabout fisticuffs. There are some genuine giggles at times, but this never really rises above a mechanical exercise, emphatically — and successfully — tailored for an American audience.

Plenty of comedy potential here, but the scenarios are dumbed down rather than expanded to match the ranges of Idle and Coltrane.