Notre Musique Review

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A Jewish journalist in Sarajevo discusses all things conflict, while Godard as a director expresses his frustration with war. Based around Dante's 'Divine Comedy', the film is broken into three sections: Hell, Purgatory and Paradise.


Having railed against the world's follies for almost 50 years, Jean-Luc Godard's weariness with modernity makes for somewhat dispiriting viewing in this Dante-esque treatise on our intellectual and moral bankruptcy.

As Jewish journalist Sarah Adler meanders through a Sarajevo literary conference, she hears more urbane discussions of conflict than any feasible solutions to the crises facing the world. Plus, as the opening montage of war and the dazzling experimental imagery proves, Godard still has a more radical approach to filmmaking than any wunderkind armed with the latest gadgetry.

The 73 year-old enfant terrible can still take society to task for failing to recognise that it's our dualities that enrich life rather than any fanciful notions of global unity.