Norbit Review

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Norbit (Murphy) is a meek, unassuming guy, pressed into marriage with a monstrous woman (Murphy). However, when he meets the woman of his dreams (not Murphy...we hope), he must find a way out of his marital captivity.


Fat people, apparently, are hilarious. So when lonely nerd Norbit (Eddie Murphy) is bullied into marrying the giant Rasputia (Murphy again), hilarity should surely ensue. Instead, chuckle-free stereotypes of the obese, the black and the Chinese (Murphy yet again) are rolled out as Norbit tries to re-connect with long-lost love Kate (Thandie Newton) and stop her from marrying deceitful Deion (Oscar-winner Cuba Gooding Jr. tarnishing his statuette yet more).

Why it takes such elaborate prosthetics to render such slight characters is as big a mystery as why a post-Dreamgirls Eddie Murphy should choose now to jeopardise his own Oscar chances

Stereotype-based comedy from Eddie Murphy in a variety of fat suits is just not enough to make a decent film.