Nightbreed Review

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A wily pychoanalyst convinces an unstable patient that he's a serial killer, with much in the way of murder and monsters to follow.


A flop in the cinemas, Clive Barker's incoherent but spasmodically visionary horror found a fruitful afterlife on video. Walking haircut Aaron Boone (Craig Sheffer) is convinced by his psychoanalyst (David Cronenberg) that he's a serial killer, whereupon he finds a lost city of fabled monsters about 20 minutes off the main road, gets himself bitten by a snake-haired creature, is shot dead by the cops, and comes back to life as a zombie-werewolf-messiah. The background is more intriguing than the stumbling up-front story, and monster watchers will get full use of the freeze-frame facility.

Decent horror thriller which gets more renowned with age.