The Night Of The Sunflowers Review

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A number of people are connected to the same violent incident and the ramifications of the mis-identification of an attacker is made clear.


The atrophy of rural society and the debasement of traditional ethics are explored by the debuting Jorge Sánchez-Cabezudo in this compelling Spanish noir. Dividing the story into six segments (each of which centres on a key character), Sánchez-Cabezudo chronicles the appalling consequences of a city girl’s misidentification of the man who assaulted her.

There are moments of inelegant melodrama, but the structuring is satisfyingly intricate and the sinister atmosphere surrounding a seemingly sleepy community is captured with a facility that makes the amorality of the denouement all the more shockingly cogent.

Morally ambiguous in all the right ways, this manages to hold the various threads of the fragmented story together beautifully.