A Night To Remember Review

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Largely accurate account of the sinking of the ill-fated ocean liner, with Second Officer Kenneth More as the figure linking everyone on board.


This sober account of the sinking of the Titantic was only recently unearthed, having previously been forgotten in favour of Jean Negulesco's Titanic (1953), starring Clifton Webb and Barbara Stanwyck. (Not forgetting Herbert Selpin's best-forgotten Nazi version of 1943.) Neither the first nor the most successful Titanic movie, A Night to Remember, based on the bestseller by Walter Lord, is still the best of the lot. A crisply starched Kenneth More may lack DiCaprio's sexy glare, but proves a far more effective focal character. Baker's movie is also more inventive technically than Cameron's, and braver too, in that Kenneth More is only nominally the star - it's the story that matters.

Gripping, emotional and true, this is a landmark in British cinema, as good today as it's always been.