Night Of The Demons Review

Image for Night Of The Demons

A hard-partying crew and Edward Furlong's drug dealer find themselves tackling skeletal demons on Halloween.


A barrel-bottom is scraped when films which went straight to video are remade — this makes over the midlist 1988 party-in-a-haunted house shocker notable only for a weird bit (expanded here) in which a starlet shoves a lipstick into her nipple. Shannon Elizabeth hosts the party, inviting a drug dealer (Edward Furlong), a nice girl (Monica Keena), a couple of bimbos and the usual horny guys. Seven skeletons in the basement prompt unwieldy speeches to establish that seven people need to be possessed to usher in an age of demon rule on Earth — you can guess the rest. The old movie was nothing special, and nor is this — but it’s a reasonable time-waster.

As remakes of straight-to-video schlock goes, it's a reasonably entertaining watch.

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