Niagra Review

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Rose and George Loomis' marriage is on the verge of collapse. Their vacation to Niagara Falls to patch things up, isn't doing the job They met hooneymooners the Cuttlers but, Polly Cuttler discovers that Rose has a lover. But what she is not aware of is that Rose and her lover intend to attract George in the falls to murder him.


This dark melodrama is unusual for the casting of Monroe as cold-blooded baddy, plotting to murder her new husband against the scenic backdrop of honeymoon mecca Niagara Falls. Goodis Joe Cotten and Jean Peters prevail, but not before Marilyn does her requisite song number in a sprayed-on dress.

The real star of this vertigo-like noir thriller turns out to be the beautiful Falls of Niagara which add a real sense of power and impending doom to a picture which inspires little of those must-be ingredients for the genre.

Comes off as a poor man's Vertigo.