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Las Vegas stage magician Cris Johnson has a secret: he's been blessed, or cursed, with an ability to see two minutes into the future. When a Russian terrorist group launches a plan to detonate a nuke in LA, the FBI try to recruit Johnson to help them stop it. But he's less than keen, and so begins a chase across America, during which he meets a teacher (Biel), who may hold the key to unlocking his full potential...


When faced with the tricky task of adapting Philip K. Dick's futuristic short story, The Golden Man, about a golden-skinned mutant who can see his own future, it seems that star/producer Nicolas Cage and director Lee Tamahori hit upon a simple solution, and... didn't bother. Indeed, Next takes only Dick's central conceit and turns it into a standard big-budget actioner, in which Cage runs around a lot, dodging Russian nasties and Julianne Moore's inappropriately intense FBI agent.

It's all complete nonsense, of course, hampered by a clunky script and Tamahori's uneven direction (which elicits unintentional laughter throughout and, unforgivably, a dull performance from Nic Cage). There are several nice set-pieces, though, which play with the possibilities of Cris' gift, including a meet cute with Biel's young-enough-to-be-his-daughter love interest. Even so, amazingly we can also see into the future; and we see you, dear readers, avoiding this and catching it on DVD down the line.

As Dick adaptations go, it's no Blade Runner or Total Recall. In fact - and this will really hurt - it's not even a Paycheck. Next!