Next Goal Wins Review

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American Samoa is the worst team in international football. Bar none. With a record 31-0 loss to Oceania big fish Australia behind them, they turn to maverick Dutch coach Thomas Rongen to restore some pride.


If you think your football team is bad, spare a thought for the poor schmoes of American Samoa. Following a 31-0 thrashing to Australia in 2001, FIFA officially dubbed them the world’s worst. This unexpectedly moving and inspiring documentary charts the indefatigable efforts of a ragtag troupe as they, and their colourful new Dutch manager, try their damnedest just to score a goal, let alone win a game. With great characters at its heart, including the game’s only transgender player, this should be required viewing for all Premier League prima donnas. A reminder that this game can be truly beautiful.

Charming and uplifting.