Zack And Miri Make An Online Trailer

Kevin Smith's latest looks goooood

We’ve been looking forward to Kevin Smith’s Zack And Miri Make A Porno for quite some time, and today’s web debut of the second trailer for the Seth Rogen/Elizabeth Banks starrer hasn’t dulled our appetite for some hardcore comedy.

As you might expect of a full trailer, this time you get much more plot – essentially, two long-time platonic friends, Zack (Rogen) and Miri (Banks) are so poverty-stricken that they decide to make a porno for some quick bucks – but also much more of the supporting cast, including what looks like a cracking cameo from Justin Long and a wonderful turn from the US Office’s Darryl Robinson.

Oh, and it’s a redband trailer – thankfully, non-US residents just have to type in their date of birth, so lie away, under-18s, lie away! – so you get a lot of swearing, and plenty of promises of nudity and filth. Thankfully, though, Smith appears to have reserved Jason Mewes’ tuberous cock and balls for the full theatrical release.

Pop along here to feast your eyes on Smith’s engorged trailer, and then come back here to tell us what you think. As for us, we think this could be shaping up to be the man’s best for some time, as it looks like the perfect cross between Smith’s more caustic side and the ever-maturing sentimental streak that has run through his films since Chasing Amy, with the central relationship in particular looking particularly well-realised and full of warmth.

And yes, there's a Star Wars gag in there, to make the long-term Smith fans feel at home. And Jeff Anderson's in there too. Yay!

Click below or here to watch the trailer.