X-Men: Days Of Future Past Trailer Lands

'What's the last thing you remember?'

We've been teased on Instagram, but now it's finally here: the trailer for Bryan Singer's return to the X-Men franchise, X-Men: Days Of Future Past. Feast your eyes below, and try to not get over-excited or faint.

Days Of Future Past finds Professor X (Patrick Stewart), Magneto (Ian McKellen), Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and the current X-team confronting a dark alternate future where mutants are an endangered species, tracked down, imprisoned or killed thanks to Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage)’s Sentinel program and an overwhelming level of distrust aimed at them from regular humans.

They boldly plan to send Wolverine’s consciousness back in time to the First Class era (or a few years after we last met those versions of the characters) to convince the younger Professor X (James McAvoy), Magneto (Michael Fassbender) and the rest to work together to stop the threat at its source.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past opens on May 22 next year, and you can find out more about it thanks to our exclusive on-set report in this month's issue of Empire, out this Thursday. And if this trailer is making you feel nostalgic about your favourite X-Men characters, be sure to click this way...