World Exclusive: New Iron Man Image!

Slamming his way onto Empire's cover

When the first shot of Iron Man’s shimmering Mk. III suit appeared online earlier this year, the sound of jaws dropping resonated across the web. Astounded by the imposing red and gold figure towering before them, coos of “it’s so pretty”, “coooooollll” and “Iron Man is going to kick some major ass” meant that everyone’s excitement levels for Tony Stark’s big screen debut were upped by about three billion percent. But as Empire can now reveal, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Yes, the lovely folks at ILM, having already conjured up a killer Optimus Prime image for our February cover, have been hard at work once again and have provided us with a world exclusive new shot of Ol’Shellhead in action. Pretty darn cool, I’m sure you’ll agree. Of course, it wouldn’t be fair to leave the billionaire Weapons Expert up there all on his own, so we’ve brought The Dark Knight and Indiana Jones along for the ride. All three giants of the screen lead the way in our massive Heroes Of 2008 preview that takes a first look at some of next year’s biggest movie behemoths, including The Incredible Hulk, Hellboy 2, Speed Racer and** Wall-E.

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So be sure to pick up the latest issue of Empire - on sale in all good newsagents from Friday!

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