World Exclusive: The Firm Poster

Nick Love's football casuals

The Firm sees Nick Love, the man behind The Football Factory, return with another glimpse of the dark side of the beautiful game and here's a first glimpse of the poster in all its shellsuited-and-booted glory, courtesy of Warner Bros.

Originally an Alan Clarke-directed TV drama with Gary Oldman as an unhinged crew leader, The Firm is given a different skew by Love's reboot which follows the seduction of the funny, fast-mouthed Dom (Calum McNab) into the violent world of football hooliganism. Expect the insults - and bottles - to fly as a soon-hesitant Dom finds the casual lifestyle a lot easier to get into than out of.

The Firm is in cinemas on September 25, and co-stars Paul Anderson as gang leader Bex and Daniel Mays.