Woody Harrelson Joins Zombieland

Co-lead in the zombie comedy

We’ve got three words for you – and if those three words don’t set your pulse a-racin’, your heart a-poundin’, and your brain a-throbbin’, then you’re probably one of the zombies that Woody Harrelson has just signed on to blow away in Zombieland.

Oh, damn. We ruined it. Erm, anyway, the three words are ‘Woody’, ‘Harrelson’, and ‘zombies’.

Yes, Harrelson is the first actual living breathing human being to sign onto the cast of Ruben Fleischer’s zombie action comedy, in which a pair of mismatched guys, survivors of a zombie apocalypse, find redemption and friendship in amongst the blood and the guts and the grue.

We have to say we like this concept – it’s snazzy, it’s to the point, and it’s almost as good as IRA Zombies. And we like Harrelson, who seems a perfect fit for this material (which we’re guessing will be demented).

Icing on the cake? Harrelson’s character, a zombie fighter, is called Albuquerque. Now that’s a downright cool character name.

No word on the rest of the casting yet, but if it’s as leftfield and inspired as Harrelson’s, then we could be in for a treat with Zombieland.