Wolverine Officially Announced

Logan to return to our screens in 2007?

It’s been tumbling through Development Hell for a couple of years, but now, on the back of X-Men: The Last Stand’s big box office success, Fox has finally given an official order for a Wolverine spin-off, scheduled to hits screens as early as next year.

Announced at the flashy Cine Expo event in Amsterdam, which is where studios flick on the red light and flash a little leg to exhibitors, the presentation even included a taped promise from Hugh Jackman himself to slip the claws back on again. Does this mean we can expect Logan to return to our screens in 2007? With Jackman’s busy, Baz Luhrmann-filled schedule, we wouldn’t count on it, but at least we are now confident that there will be more Logan-y goodness in our future.