Wolverine Gets Rewritten?

Skip Woods retooling Benioff's script

Like buses, stories about the film spin-off of Wolverine come in pairs - and following hot on the heels of director Gavin Hood's hints about the character earlier (here) is the news that a new writer's been hired to do a number on David Benioff's script, and that he'll be doing "more than a polish".

The new kid on the block is Skip Woods, who's recently scripted Hitman. That apparently impressed studio execs at Fox so much that they've invited him aboard our favourite adamantium-boned berserker's solo run - and even though the film is all set to start in November in Australia, this will be more than just a tweak of the script.

Woods previously wrote Swordfish, which Hugh "Wolverine" Jackman of course starred in, but the scuttlebutt about Hitman suggests that he's come along as a writer since then. Otherwise, we'd be expecting to see bullet-time explosions, car chases and long scenes involving Logan topless and sunbathing - which, come to think of it, wouldn't be that bad. But since Woods has progressed so much, it'll probably be the story of How Wolvie Got Involved In Weapon X, which we kinda saw already in the X2 flashbacks. Still, there's gotta be room for a little sunsoaking, right?

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