Jackie’s Dublin Project Kicks Off

Highbinders begins Irish shoot

After his recent box-office triumph with Rush Hour 2, Hong Kong legend Jackie Chan hit Irish shores recently as principal photography began on his new action-comedy, Highbinders. Having kicked off in Dublin on 30 July, Highbinders is directed by fellow Hong Kong veteran Gordon Chan and pairs Jackie with Brit comedian Lee Evans and Twickenham-born starlet Claire Forlani. Chan takes the lead as a Hong Kong detective who stumbles across an international slavery syndicate. Tracking the slaver to Dublin, Chan teams up with incompetent copper Lee Evans and femme fatale Interpol agent Forlani to bring down the organisation and the elusive crime boss known only as Snakehead. Other reports have indicated that Chan’s intrepid detective is recently resurrected from an early death and brings supernatural powers from beyond the grave to aid his crime-fighting skills. We were unable to confirm this from official sources however.