Vincent D'Onofrio to Direct The Kid

Moving behind the camera with a Western

Currently shooting The Magnificent Seven with Antoine Fuqua, Vincent D'Onofrio has clearly developed a taste for the Western. He's now set to make his second film as a director with *The Kid. He'll also star in the film, alongside James Franco and Ethan Hawke.

Newcomer Andrew Lanham (his civil rights drama Just Mercy has Michael B. Jordan attached) wrote the screenplay, which is a new take on the often-filmed legend of Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid. The focus is a young boy, whose uncle has murdered his father and turned his sister out onto the streets. The boy tries to rope Billy into avenging his father by killing said uncle, but finds his romantic notions of the gunfighting outlaw are false. He then finds a true hero in Sheriff Garrett.

Who's playing who hasn't been revealed at this point, but the set-up, like Joe Carnahan's Five Against A Bullet, comes courtesy of former Geffen Records president Jordan Schur, as he makes a new thrust into film production with his Suretone Pictures banner. He's personally funded development and production on both projects.

D'Onofrio has this year torn up screens big and small in Daredevil and Jurassic World, and we'll next see him in either Pelé or Franco's own In Dubious Battle, both of which are in post-production but neither of which yet has a release date. The Magnificent Seven is due in September, 2016.

The first was 2010's musical horror *Don't Go In The Woods.