UPDATE: It's A Dark Knight Mystery

What does this document mean?

Update: we've just spotted a third page of this mysterious file on Twitter, @thefirerises. Fans of The Dark Knight Rises will remember that that was a name associated with the first picture of Bane, unveiled gradually a few months back, so we can now consider it confirmed that this is all a Nolan mind-game to keep us amused. This third document leads in turn to this Operation Early Bird website, which should go live in a few hours. Check back then to see what's in store...


Some days at Empire Towers are not filled with the arrival of secret, faked CIA documents that carry with them an air of promise and mystery. And then there are days like today, where the image you see below shows up in our inbox.

Now, unfortunately, our contact was very specific that we can’t tell you what this transcript is exactly. Who gave it to us? It was sent from an encrypted server with no possibility of tracing it (we have a very high tech system here that involves a divining rod and a hamster in a wheel). It was passed to us exclusively as part of a clue to an upcoming event. Which specific event? Can’t say.

Click the image above to see a larger version

But we did hit Google and searched the name listed in the transcript and came up with another document, one posted to Wired’s blog yesterday. Make of that what you will, and let the speculation begin!

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