Two New Prometheus Trailers Arrive

'Big things have small beginnings...'

Like excitable ankle biters on Christmas morning, we’ve been patiently waiting for this and now we’re allowed to tear the virtual paper from the shiny toy and play with it to our hearts' content. Or, to put it another way that doesn’t strain a metaphor so far it breaks, the new full Prometheus trailer is online and by now you’re already watching it so we don’t know why we’re even bothering to write more.

We caught a little glimpse of this thing in the IMAX teaser that cropped up before the weekend, but this… This is something so much more. Though we’re fairly certain the marketing department will have had to hit the ever-secretive Ridley Scott with a tranquiliser dart to even let this much out, some of the story details are revealed, though nothing too spoilery, but be warned.

As opposed to the all-action teasers and trailers of the last few months, now we get a little bit of the build-up, with Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender and the rest of the crew arriving on a mysterious planetoid, drawn by what they think is a map… But could really be an invitation. A life form begins to ping their sensors, something shocking happens, a discovery is made and… well, let’s just say that the budget clearly stretched to a whole lot of hell that is let loose.

Update! A new UK-variant trailer is also now online, so you can see that below, which puts a little more focus on the discovery aspect...

brightcove.createExperiences();And the trailers are not the only new element. With Scott and co bringing the footage to WonderCon, the film’s viral campaign has also expanded, with a fresh video focused on Fassbender’s character. Take a gander.

Finally, Scott and writer Damon Lindelof took part in a live chat to help launch the trailer. You can a watch a replay of the discussion on Livestream.

Prometheus finally touches down on June 1. After viewing the latest footage, you’re going to wish that was tomorrow. Just like Christmas morning…