Transformers Teaser Trailer Online

First glimpse of the Robots In Disguise

The countdown over at the official Transformers movie site has run down and Michael Bay has stuck the first teaser online.

It’s not exactly a long chunk of footage, and it looks like it was shot entirely separately from the film itself, but it does offer a fleeting robo-glimpse and, at the end, the movie’s name transforms into the release date. Because it’s about Transformers. Clever, eh? Our inner nerd was a little unhappy that the transformation process wasn’t sound tracked with the cartoon’s classic noise (you know, the one that sounds like a Bontempi organ mating with a Darth Vader voice-changing tool), but we soon calmed it down by showing it a picture of Optimus Prime. Robots fun!

Go see it here in Flash format (though Bay has also put it up for download in lovely QuickTime on his site here) and decide for yourself if it means that Bay will ruin the legacy of the robots in disguise…