Total Recall Teaser Teaser Online

Now with extra added motion poster

Between all the various Twilight teasers-for-trailers and the nuggets of the Prometheus promos doled out over time, it would appear that the trend for sneak-peeking footage is not going away any time soon. Total Recall is the latest movie to employ the trick, though at least the marketing team behind the film have done the decent thing and put out 30 seconds instead of, say, 12. Have a look below.

The brief taste is at least enough to get a feeling for Len Wiseman’s new version of the Philip K Dick story, which eschews all the Mars madness of the Paul Verhoeven take back in 1990.

We’ll reserve full judgement until the actual trailer arrives on Sunday at Apple, but for now it certainly appears to fulfil the action quotient of the summer blockbuster, with Colin Farrell’s Quaid running, jumping, fly/driving and reacting to things that go boom. Also present? Jessica Biel looking harried and Kate Beckinsale looking angry/attractive. Needs more Bryan Cranston, though.

There’s a hint of The Fifth Element and, of course, Blade Runner (flying cars in a cityscape) here, and a feeling that this one will be grimier. Clearly, it has some different elements that Arnie and co delivered. Check back with us when the full trailer makes its way to the web...

UPDATE: There are now also a motion poster (see below) and two normal posters (see below below). Looks quite Source Code, doesn't it?

Total Recall will be in UK cinemas come August 22.