Tim Burton Making The Addams Family?

Could be his next 3D stop-motion 'toon

Tim Burton and The Addams Family? If it sounds like a kookily perfect match made in a spooky old mansion to you, then prepare to celebrate as Deadline Hollywood reports Burton will make a 3D stop-motion movie based on Charles Addams’ famous creations.

While you may share our mixed feelings about Burton continuing to stick with adaptations of other peoples’ work rather than pursuing his own visions, the idea that he’ll dig into the sharp wit of Addams’ Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday and the rest sounds like a solid idea. Plus, with the focus on the original cartoons rather than the campier TV show or the Barry Sonnenfeld movies (though we still have a soft spot for the first film), it should be a dark little delight.

There’s no writer attached yet, so this one is a while from starting, and chances are he’ll knock out at least one live-action film (D**ark Shadows**, finally?) before the doors to the Addams’ home swing open and we’re met by Lurch the towering, groaning manservant.

So now all we need to know is, will Burton strike out in a completely new direction for the lead voices, or will he hire Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter?

The campaign to have Batmanuel/Gotham City Mayor Nestor Carbonell voice Gomez starts here!