Taraji P. Henson Joins Wreck-It-Ralph 2

Taraji P Henson

Hidden Figures and Empire star Taraji P. Henson will be getting her pixels on as the newest addition to Disney Animation’s Ralph Breaks The internet: Wreck-It-Ralph 2. Starring as Yesss, she'll be the guide who shows Ralph and Vanellope around the internet after they’re accidentally uploaded to the world wide web.

The announcement at D23’s animation panel was accompanied by an extended clip of the film, which looks even more mind-bogglingly meta than its predecessor. The sequence shown finds the pair harassed by pop-up ads before Yesss takes them to... the Disney website. Yes, really. There, they see everything from classic Disney characters like Tinkerbell to more recent acquisitions like Stormtroopers and even a Marvel-yourself booth, which turns visitors into MCU characters (complete with Stan lee cameo).

The highlight, though, was when Vanellope crashes the Disney princesses’ dressing room, where she hangs out with the entire gaggle (all voiced by their original actors) in a skit that pulls no punches in its lampoonery – after Merida speaks and everyone stars in blank silence, one princess notes to Vanellope: “No one understands her,” before adding in a whisper, “She’s from the other studio.”

Ralph Breaks The Internet is released in March 2018.