Taken 2 Trailer Escapes Online

'We will have our revenge...'

While he was understandably miffed that slave traders kidnapped his daughter back in 2008’s Taken, Liam Neeson is now learning that his stabby / shooty reaction had consequences. Here comes the trailer for Taken 2, which finds his heroic Bryan Mills in a spot of trouble thanks to Rade Serbedzija’s Murad and his need for revenge for the deaths last time. Take a look below.

After a pleasant surprise visit from daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) and wife Lenore (Famke Janssen) in Istanbul, Bryan gets a less enjoyable shock when Lenore is targeted and he’s threatened. Guess what he’s going to do? Yup, he’s going to use his particular set of skills to try to save his family (and himself) once more.

Olivier Megaton takes over directing duties this time around and delivers almost exactly what you’d expect, judging by this footage. We know Neeson can deliver the action goods, so the only real question is, will this live up to the original?

Taken 2 will hit our screens on October 5.