Superman + Fetish = Film?

Story of Supes' creator's secret life...

According to Secret Identity: The Fetish Art of Superman's Co-Creator Joe Shuste**r by Craig Yoe, the artist behind the creation of Superman also penned a series of mob-financed underground fetish-comics that sparked an anti-comic crusade among politicians but have been largely forgotten - until now. Yoe's book has been optioned for the screen, making for a sort of Hollywoodland meets The Notorious Bettie Page** prospect.

Yoe is a comic archivist and stumbled across a cache of the controversial books at an estate sale, and says that he recognised them as Shuster's work. The books, called The Nights of Horror, were sold under the counters of Times Square bookshops, until a series of copycat crimes by a group called the Brooklyn Thrill Killers led to a Supreme Court censorship case, several sensational trials and a crackdown on comics.

The film adaptation that's now being planned is to use the crime spree and the apparent double-life that Shuster led to create a period drama. The idea's just gone out to writers, so watch this space.

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