Sucker Punch Trailer Arrives

Zach Snyder takes you on a trip

300/Watchmen director Zach Snyder managed to excite and confuse audiences in almost equal measure at this year’s Comic-Con with the first footage from Sucker Punch, and if you were wondering why plenty of people couldn’t wrap their heads around it, then prepare to get your eyes and your brain punched with his latest, and possibly trippiest burst of visual flair: the Sucker Punch trailer has arrived over at Apple.

Sucker, based on an original idea by Snyder, throws so much stuff into its visuals – medieval combat, samurai, dragons, night clubs, World War Two – that it ends up a mad rush of a ride in this first promo.

The plot is a fantastical action adventure that takes place mostly in the mind of Baby Doll (Emily Browning), a girl whose evil stepfather has had her committed and threatened with a lobotomy. To escape the agony of her real life, she escapes into a vivid imaginary world where pretty much anything can happen. There, aided by an equally beautiful/dangerous group of women, she discovers the path to safety in real life might just lie in this warped version of existence.

Featuring yet another new visual trick – jagged, time-skipping moments during action, Sucker Punch is sure to split reactions between enjoyment and confused loathing. Go take a look and let us know where you fall. The film arrives March 25 next year.