Stephen Sommers Set For GI Joe Sequel?

More of the same, then...

How you react to the news that Stephen Sommers is reportedly ready to sign on for a second tour of duty with the G.I. Joe franchise is, we’d guess, directly related to what you got out of the first film. So feel free to exclaim either “hooray!” or wail loudly for the next 10 minutes. We’ll wait.

But, according to The Wrap, it’s true: Sommers has apparently agreed a deal with Paramount to return despite all the rumours that drifted around as the first film was being edited that he was clashing with the studio over the cut. The film’s success (commercial rather than critical) is also a likely factor in him coming back and being welcomed with open arms.

Nothing has yet escaped about the plot, though Zombieland writers Rhett Rheese and Paul Wernick have been busy scribbling a draft and the producers are said to be happy with what they’ve delivered.

We predict lots of things will blow up, evil schemes will be plotted and a United Colours of Benetton army will once again scramble to defeat them. It’s pure telepathetic power, people. Oh, and Channing Tatum will probably come back as Duke. Anyone want to guess if they’ll be able to convince Joseph Gordon-Levitt to return? Hope they've got a mind-control device ready. Or a sequel contract option they can power up...

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