Star Wars: The Last Jedi Behind-The-Scenes Video Revealed

Fans hoping to see a new trailer for The Last Jedi at this morning's D23 panel were left disappointed today. However, director Rian Johnson didn't leave them entirely unsatisfied, delivering a behind-the-scenes video that shows more than a few tantalising glimpses of the film's plot strands. If you're avoiding any semblance of spoilers for this film, do not watch the video or read on.

If that scene with Luke taking his lightsaber from Rey didn't give you tingles then we don't know what will. There are a few other visuals in there that confirm many of the rumours that have been circulating for some time, form the the 'horses' that we'll see racing on Canto Bight to the podgy avians that are natives of Ahch-To. Rey fighting three assailants simultaneously raises questions as to who exactly she'll be taking on (the Knights of Ren?) and the image of Kelly Tran and John Boyega in First Order officer uniforms confirms the rumour that the pair will go undercover, infiltrating a First Order stronghold. Looks like we'll all be waiting just a little bit longer for that full trailer reveal but this should keep us going for now.