Star Wars Goes 3D In 2012

In a galaxy a bit closer to us?

Much like the Jedi and the Sith have the Force-driven ability to feel things from a long way off, we’ve all known that Star Wars supremo George Lucas was planning to convert the entire franchise to 3D at some point in the future. He’d dropped heavy hints, and since he rarely passes up a chance to tinker with the movies on a digital level, it was just a matter of when, not if. And now we have a rough date. Well, we have a year: 2012.

While James Cameron’s success with Avatar was a big reason Lucas is pushing ahead with the conversion process, it was also a case that the director wanted to wait until there were enough 3D screens to support a decently wide re-release. Of course, given how many 3D movies are planned for release in that year, it’s entirely possible that the marketplace will again be crowded.

Still, to give the man credit, he’s taking his time with the new versions, personally overseeing the conversion process to get them right. And even though the Blu-Rays are due next year, he’s hoping that by the time The Phantom Menace’s release rolls around in 2012, the 3D home entertainment market will be up and running properly.

While we’re not entirely sure any of the Star Wars series really needs 3D, there are a few scenes we could enjoy seeing with TIE fighters screeching over our heads and some extra depth in those big Hoth landscapes…

But what say you? Does it feel like an event? Or more like Lucas squeezing another few drops out of his legacy?

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