Star Trek Pushed Back

The Enterprise won't fly until 2009

Wait, this is not what's supposed to happen. The end of the writers' strike is supposed to mean that projects happen quicker, not that already shooting ones get delayed. So why in the universe has Paramount decided to bump JJ Abrams' Star Trek from its Christmas Day US release date to May 8, 2009?

Well, we don't know, and their reasoning is strange, but this will be a big blow for fans. It'll also mean that we in the UK might not get it until even later. Paramount says that the move is to maximise the business potential of a summer release, which we can see makes some sense, but Christmas is just as profitable if the film's good (maybe they were put off by the tanking of The Golden Compass, which was expected to hit big over the festive season?). It also puts the film in direct competition with Wolverine and Angels and Demons, which are hardly slouches in the box office potential stakes.

But, hey, these decisions are being made by greater minds than ours and if a few months longer to wait means the final product will be perfected, then we're happy to sit it out. We still think it's a bit odd, though.