St Trinians Sequel Announced

The Legend of Fritton's Gold is coming

Good news for those of you who enjoyed St. Trinian's before Christmas: a sequel is coming in 2009. Yes, St. Trinians: The Legend of Fritton's Gold was announced at Cannes, because when a British film makes money it's worth trying to mine the same seam again.

We're told that this new film, once again to be directed by Oliver Parker and Barnaby Thompson, is an adventure story cross between The Goonies and The Da Vinci Code. Except, we're guessing, with more suspenders and stockings than either Josh Brolin or Tom Hanks wore in those films.

Writer Piers Ashworth is returning to scripting duties, along with Nick Martin, and filming's due to start in January - presumably for another Christmas-ish release. There's no word yet on returning cast members, but given the title and the fact that he appeared to be having more fun than anyone else in the first film, expect Rupert Everett to once again get in touch with his Camilla Parker-Bowles side in the role of Headmistress Fritton.