Sony’s After The Terminator Rights

The war for the machines has been joined

Looks like Lionsgate has a little competition for the rights to the Terminator franchise, in the form of Sony Pictures.

While the studio has apparently refused to confirm its interest to Variety directly, sources are saying that the company lodged a bid with current owners Halcyon Group late on Thursday, the last day that offers could be accepted.

Lionsgate had already plunked down its own offering of $15 million and 5% of gross future receipts, and there’s no word on whether Sony has outbid them. Should Lionsgate lose, it’s guaranteed $750,000 under a breakup contract.

It’s not really that surprising that Sony would enter the fray. The studio partnered with Warners on Terminator Salvation and saw that film earn decent money overseas.

The auction will be held on Monday in Los Angeles and we just know you’re all waiting with bated breath to see who wins out. Right? Stop yawning!