Snow White & The Huntsman Trailer Online

Who is the fairest?

With the banner artwork for Snow White & The Huntsmanappearing earlier this week, it’s now time for the first trailer to take a bow, which shoves Charlize Theron’s evil, scheming Queen front and centre. Take a look if you have a magic mirror… Or just a regular ‘net connection, over at Apple.

While we get plenty of footage featuring Snow herself (Kristen Stewart), plus time with Chris Hemsworth’s Huntsman and Sam Claflin’s prince, it’s Theron whose devious tones narrate this first teaser.

Wrapping the traditional tale of a jealous Queen who kills anyone more beautiful than herself in epic scope and plenty of stylish visuals, director Rupert Sanders is clearly going for a Lord Of The Rings feel. Well, Middle-earth plus just a touch of extra magic, it seems. And the pulsing soundtrack that wouldn’t look out of place on, say, a Matrix sequel.

Birds fly, battles are fought and Snow does her Snow thing (she’s clearly much more of a badass than the Disney version, even if she's still too trusting with regards to fruit). It’s all looking rather intriguing. What say you lot?

Snow White And The Huntsman will ride into our cinemas on June 1, 2012.