Skyfall Teaser Trailer Arrives

Our initial reaction to 007's return

The first footage of the first James Bond film in four years, Skyfall, was unveiled on BBC1 this morning - Eon initially eschewing this new-fangled internet business in favour for a cup of morning tea with Auntie - and has now blasted onto the web.

Our first thoughts? Wow. This is what we're talking about. Guns, explosions, droll banter, dazzling locations, careering tube trains, more guns, and not even a whiff of a complex scheme to mess with Bolivia's water supply.

Instead there's action - lots of it - and a first glimpse of Sam Mendes' big bad Silva, Javier Bardem, caught in silhouette walking away from a blazing inferno. Give us your reactions in the usual place, then check back here later for a full blow-by-blow of the trailer.

Skyfall's plot may be divorced from Quantum's foul shenanigans but clearly Bond's fractured psyche, a major throughline of Casino Royale and Quantum Of Solace, is still playing into things in a major way.

If you watched Homeland lately you'll know that espionage and psychology don't usually mix, so we're assuming this word association game is something of a last chance saloon for 007. It's also a neat way to introduce us to the mysterious 'Skyfall', a term Bond is clearly no stranger to ("Skyfall?" asks the shrink / interrogator. "Done," retorts 007).

is out on October 26. To double the tease, check out the first poster here. To triple it, get hold of the latest issue of Empire, replete with Skyfall goodness and a report from the film's set.

In another interesting news snippet, the full Bond collection - Bond 50 - will be released on Blu-ray on September 24.

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