Simon Cowell Planning Pudsey: The Movie

That's the dog, not the bear, by the way

Good news, die-hard Britain's Got Talent fans! X Factor head honcho and black T-shirt aficionado Simon Cowell has joined forces with Vertigo Films to make a feature film about Pudsey the well-trained dog. Its working title? Pudsey: The Movie.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the star of the movie will be Pudsey (without Ashleigh Butler, his trainer), though there are no details as to what he'll be getting up to, plot-wise.

This isn't the first time Cowell has dipped his toes into the murky waters of cinema, however, with the One Direction concert movie (as directed by Morgan "Supersize Me" Spurlock) on its way and David Frankel’s Paul Pott’s biopic One Chance (starring James Corden) also in production.

Vertigo chief Rupert Preston has described Pudsey: The Movie as "great, feel-good, fun entertainment for all the family.” Pudsey himself was unavailable for comment.

And just in case you weren't one of the 14.5 million people who watched the performing pooch when it was on TV last year, here's some footage of Ashleigh and Pudsey doing their thing.

Pudsey: The Movie is set for a Christmas 2013 release.