The Scott Pilgrim Trailer Is Here!

Get out your flaming swords, people...

ZOMG! The Scott Pilgrim vs The World trailer has landed, and it’s pretty flippin’ wild. Look forward to flaming swords, girls with alternating colour hair and 7 evil exes – all of whom need defeating.

That’s right, defeating. If you’re not aware of the premise, it’s just your average boy meets girl, boy snuggles with girl, girl tells boy she has 7 exes, all of whom must be beaten in battle in order for said boy and said girl to, um, ‘date’, tale.

Seems like a lot of effort for just one little lady (played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead), but hey, it’s young love, that’s how it goes. The trailer is a tremendous flurry of asses being kicked and punches being thrown, comic book-style (appropriate considering its graphic novel origins), and, dare we say it, director Edgar Wright must be chuffed with how it looks.

Plus, it includes an appearance of Captain America to be, Chris Evans, slinging Michael Cera into a tower, so that makes it definitely, definitely, definitely worth watching. No offence Michael, it just looks cool is all. You know how it is.

Oh, and just so you know, Scott Pilgrim vs The World** is out on August 6.**