Samuel L Jackson Set For Oldboy

And Bruce Hornsby will write the music

As Spike Lee gears up for his take on revenge thriller Oldboy, he’s recruiting an old friend and more recent collaborator to join the film. Veteran Lee performer Samuel L Jackson is set for a small role, while composer Bruce Hornsby will write the music.

Oldboy finds Josh Brolin as Joe Douchett, a man held captive in a nondescript room for 15 years, seemingly without cause. When his captor (Sharlto Copley) lets him go, and offers him a few details on what happened and who is responsible, he sets off on a mission to exact vengeance from those who caused him such pain.

Jackson, most recently seen reprising his role as Nick Fury for Avengers Assemble, will take on the minor but pivotal role of one of Brolin’s guards, who finds the tables turned on him in quite a painful, bloody way. While Lee and writer Mark Protosevich have apparently changed the scene from the tooth-removal of the original, the punishment is said to be just as inventive and nasty.

Hornsby, meanwhile, tells the LA Times that he’s in the early stages of working up score ideas after collaborating with the director on his upcoming pic Red Hook Summer and basketball documentary Kobe Doin’ Work. "I'm working on a few things and I'll send them to Spike soon," he saya. "The 'D' word has been spoken to me by him," he adds, referring to a dark tone. "But I think the score will also run the gamut."