Sam Mendes Posts First Skyfall Blog

Introductory notes on Bond 23

Update: We now have a photo of Sam Mendes on set with the awesome Judi Dench to add to this blog. Scroll down to see that below. Spoiler: contains camera, cup of coffee!

Following Peter Jackson's fine Hobbit examples, Sam Mendes has opted to post occasional video blogs as Skyfall comes together. The first of them has just arrived at official site

Except blogging isn't quite what's going on here: rather than Jackson's method of presenting to-camera, this actually seems to be footage of a Mendes interview, very possibly being put together for a DVD documentary. The director talks about his personal connection to James Bond, his love of the films growing up and how impressed he was with Casino Royale, and with Daniel Craig's Bond in particular. He points out that, despite being a British director, Skyfall is his first British movie, since the previous half dozen have all been shot on American soil.

Critically, there's practically no Skyfall footage in the brief ninety-second clip, although there's a glimpse of Craig creeping around with his Walther, as already seen in the still released a few weeks ago. Otherwise it's Mendes at the monitors, Mendes with a big camera lens, Mendes at an airport (shooting by a baggage carousel! Exclusive!) and Mendes outside Westminster Tube Station.

But this is obviously intended as the first of several "updates", and an introductory chapter at that. So there should be plenty more to come as Skyfall plummets towards its October 26 release date. Watch, as they say, this space.