Rogue One: exclusive new image of Felicity Jones and Gareth Edwards

Yesterday, Empire commenced primary ignition on our brand new Rogue One: A Star Wars Story issue, unveiling six rather ravishing rebel-focussed covers. Within the new issue, on sale from Thursday 24 November, are eight pages of exclusive coverage on the first Star Wars standalone movie – including this never-before-seen image of the film's hero, Felicity Jones, being filmed by her director, Gareth Edwards.

Rogue One Felicity Jones Gareth Edwards

It's fairly unusual for directors to operate the cameras themselves, especially on big-budget movies like this, but Edwards likes to be hands-on. “The whole methodology with Rogue One,” Felicity Jones told us, “was to keep it very naturalistic. Gareth often holds the camera himself because he wants to be there with you. With Gareth we felt like we were all in it together.”

Jones' co-star, Jiang Wen, agreed, telling us: “He shoots like he’s a character among us. He held the camera all day, and that thing’s heavy. And you realise he’s tired. But I can tell he has a very big passion inside. Because he still carried that thing the whole day, from beginning to end.”

There's acres more Rogue One coverage to be found in the new issue of Empire, available in all good and Imperial newsagents from Thursday 24 November. Of course, you could quite easily just subscribe to Empire and have unrivalled coverage like this plop on your doormat every month, days before everyone else.

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