Roger Rabbit Hitting Blu-Ray

The mad bunny is back...

If you were wondering when the searching eye of the Blu-ray brigade might finally fall on classic live action / ‘toon blend Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, the answer is now. Well, next year, when the venerable pic will be 25 years old (and boy, does that make us feel elderly). Spotted on recent Disney Blu-ray releases, and shared by the team at Bleeding Cool, is this new trailer for the film’s arrival on shiny digi-format.

Roger Rabbit, of course, is the story of what happens when ‘toon-tired ‘tec Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins) is begged by falling star Roger (voiced by Charles Fleischer) to help him when he’s framed for murder. Of course, it’s all part of a larger plot that involves Roger’s beautiful wife Jessica (Kathleen Turner) and Judge Doom (Christopher Lloyd), who has big plans for Toon Town.

Directed by Robert Zemeckis during his heyday, it still remains one of the best blends of real actors and animation, along with a host of cameos from famous animated characters. Not to mention a cracking script full of great gags.

There’s no exact street date for the disc yet and no real mention of features (the trailer simply touts three remastered shorts), but we're hoping Disney goes all out on this one.

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