ReBoot Rebooted!

Classic cartoon to become film trilogy

It's a great day for anyone who watched TV cartoons in the mid- to late-1990s. ReBoot, the world's first CGI animated series and one of the most barmily inventive shows ever to call itself kid's entertainment, is being set up for not one film, but an entire trilogy.

The plot of the series was set in a city called Mainframe, where binomes and sprites go about their business and live their digital lives. The chief dangers came from the gigantic game cubes (not to be confused with GameCubes) which would descend on a section of the city. At that point, sprite guardian Bob and others would battle to beat the User, lest the User win and that entire neighbourhood be destroyed as a result. Further threats came from the evil Web, and dangerous enemies like Hexadecimal, Megabyte and (later) Gigabyte.

The series started off quite bright and cheery, with lots of pop culture references and kid-friendly characters, but got much, much darker in its third series and finally went off the air. The plans to reboot the series and take it to the big screen are complex - Rainmaker is teaming up with a comic site called Zeros To Heroes and asking five undiscovered writers to work up story ideas, which fans will then have the chance to comment on and get involved in proving. In August, fans will choose the winning pitch and a web comic will come out, based on that idea, later this year, with a film following after that.

It's a complex plan, but one that could fit in well with ReBoot's still-loyal fan base. And after the CG bubble has well and truly burst, it might be just the time to go back to basics and build a new mainframe.