Rambo IV Changes Its Name Again

Everyone remain as you were last week

Because much of the internet reaction to Sylvester Stallone deciding to change the name of John Rambo to Rambo: To Hell and Back was – and we're paraphrasing here – 'What the f**k!', Sly has decided to go back to the former title. Thank the lord, or at least Stallone.

Stallone decided to revert to the far less '80s computer game title after discussion with Harry Knowles. The talkbackers on Knowles' Aintitcool site had been resoundingly negative and the actor/director realised that internetular types will make up much of his audience for the movie.

You've got to hand it to the man for listening to his public. You don't get many studios, let alone stars, who'd act so quickly on feedback from the public. So, are you happy with this as the final title?