Public Enemies Trailer Now Online

Michael Mann sets Depp against Bale!

It's Heat with Tommy guns! And fedoras! And lots of Brylcreem! And Johnny Depp and Christian Bale facing off in the heart of America in the 1930s, with Michael Mann directing. Yes, it's the trailer for Public Enemies and it's online here on Yahoo! UK and the HD version here on Apple.

Judging by this trailer, we can expect Johnny Depp to play a borderline sociopath (but a really charming one) who delights in robbing the most architecturally significant banks in the West (all the better to provide soaring aerial shots of the action). Christian Bale's the cold-blooded lawman (think Equilibrium) and Billy Crudup gets prissy as legendary FBI head J. Edgar Hoover.

There's a possible spoiler in here about the fate of one character (we say possible because it's not clear how early on it happens) but otherwise this gorgeously shot piece is going to whet your appetite for the film's release on July 3.