Power Rangers: It's Morphin' Time In Our Exclusive New Poster

Go, go, Power Rangers! With mystical superpowers and handy colour coding, the latest big-screen outing for the cosmic-crime-fighting teen team is near. While charging up our Zeo Crystals, we here at Empire managed to get our paws on an exclusive new poster – take a look below. Click to embiggen.

The poster shows the five new Rangers (played by relative newcomers RJ Cyler, Becky G, Naomi Scott and Dacre Montgomery) while the cackling supervillain of Rita Repulsa Elizabeth Banks hovers behind them.

Also starring in the film is former Power Rangers alumni Bryan Cranston as group leader Zordon and Bill Hader as helpful droid Alpha 5. Dean Israelite is directing.

The official date for Morphin' Time? 24 March – that's when Power Rangers, 2017 vintage, arrives in cinemas.