Phil Lord And Chris Miller Working On Animated Spider-Man Movie

As Sony rebuilds its web-slinging universe


Having apparently developed superpowers of their own that let them split into multiple copies of themselves, writer/producer/directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are attached to yet another project. Sony used its CinemaCon presentation to announce that the duo will develop an animated Spider-Man film for the studio.

The potential idea for a Lord and Miller Spidey ‘toon originally emerged back in January when various outlets reported on a summit to discuss the future of the Spider-Man universe. While the studio has since hatched a deal to let Disney and Marvel use the character in Captain America: Civil War and other potential MCU titles, work is already being done in another new version of the character, with a plan in place to take Peter Parker back to his high school days. Drew Goddard is reportedly in line to make the movie for 2017.

As for Lord and Miller, their version is said to be separate from the live-action incarnation and likely pushing the comedy angle, so there’s no word yet on whether whoever lands the lead in the new Spidey film will also lend their voice to the ‘toon. The pair, already slightly busy overseeing any new Jump Street film for Sony plus the Lego Movie franchise and The Flash for Warner Bros., will work on a treatment for the animated Spider-Man film with the idea that they might end up directing it. Sony has already set a July 20, 2018 release date for the movie.

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