Peter Jackson's Latest Hobbit Blog

We're back on location

Yes, it’s that exciting time again: the time when Peter Jackson and his courageous cast and crew give us all a glimpse into the mammoth effort going into making the Hobbit films. This one is the second of the location shoot blogs, taking us up to December 14, 2011, when the team wrapped shooting outdoors ready for the return to Stone Street Studios and the final block. Take a look below.

This has everything you might expect from a video about filmmakers battling nature itself to get the shots they need. Dwarves being rained on! A giant ramp to keep the cast and crew from stomping over precious vegetation! Andy Serkis’ giant chopper blasting people in the face! Err... That one has a proper explanation, we promise.

Yes, it’s about beautiful New Zealand scenery (which, as usual, will most likely leave you screaming, “I want to go to there!”), raging floodwaters and some prickly looking thorn bushes, which must be bad for Hobbit feet.

We also learn why it’s taking 127 days to shoot two films, when it only took 133 days to shoot the three LOTR movies. PJ’s reasoning? “We’re all ten years older and so we’re going a little slower...” Get a move on, granddad, we want to see the results!

Sadly, we’ll have to wait until December 14 for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and December 13, 2013 for The Hobbit: There And Back Again. Peeder Jigson would have got them both done by now. Maybe.